The Modern Cubicle: Balancing Privacy, Collaboration, And Flexibility

The Modern Cubicle: Balancing Privacy, Collaboration, And Flexibility

Running a smooth running team and finding that magic spot where everyone is happy and productive takes effort. Really considering the workflow that needs to happen day-to-day is important. You can do a lot for it in just the way you set everything up.

For example, you can use cubicles to offer people their own personal space. This might be crucial if your team is working on sensitive stuff. Having a tall wall cubicle setup might be ideal if these are the types of projects you work on. Taking some time to figure out what you need to happen and which office setup is most conducive to meet your goals will put you in a winning position.

Cubicles are Available in Single Desk Setups and Double Desk Setups

Double desk cubicles, as you might have guessed, house enough space in one cubicle for two desk areas. Essentially you take the normal cubicle and make it larger, adding just a small boundary to help keep personal space organized. If you have a team that benefits from a little interaction in between coworkers, going with the double setup is an excellent choice.

When you have a more serious work flow happening, ultra privacy is what you need. Going with the single cubicle setups with tall walls is the most ideal for this. These spaces allow you to provide an “office style” environment at a fraction of the cost.

You Have the Option of Going With a Short Wall Cubicle or a Tall One

Before you start looking at different cubicles, you should sit and write down what you want your work production to look like during the work week. Do you need your staff to be able to interact with each other and brainstorm? Or are the work tasks more of a sensitive nature?

When you’re looking to have individual spaces, you can choose from short walls or taller ones. It depends on how much privacy you need to give your employees. Shorter walls still allow for space, but keep everyone in the room together instead of hiding everyone.

After You Know What Setup You Want Pick the Features to Go With It

When you’re writing out how you want your workflow production to go, consider what types of features your employees will need at their cubicle. Most of them come with power supplies so that will be covered. There are a few very basic options that come without if you don’t need power at every workstation.

There are a ton of storage option features you can select when shopping for cubicles. From file hanging storage cabinets to just regular shelf storage, you’ve got options.

In Conclusion

Now you can see how many setup options you have when you’re looking to add cubicles into your work area. You can go with extremely private spaces or something that offers a little more personal interaction. It really depends on how you want the work to flow throughout the day. You can absolutely customize it how you want!

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