What Happened To Selena Vargas? Her Strange Disappearance In 2022 Baffles Authorities

Selena Vargas

Selena Vargas went missing from her hometown of El Paso, Texas in 2022, and has not been seen since. The 22-year old newlywed was visiting her parents at the time of her disappearance, and the only clue to her whereabouts was the mysterious letter she left behind on her laptop with no note or explanation attached.

A teenager goes missing

Selena Vargas, a 17-year-old high school student, disappeared after a study group session with her classmates. The time was 5:15 PM and all the girls in the group had to go home.The next morning when Madison woke up, she saw a text from Selena asking how she slept last night and telling her that she had accidentally left her tablet charger there last night.

She then asked if she would mind returning it to her later that day. When Madison said yes, Selena responded saying thank you and asking what they were doing later that day. Madison didn’t reply because she figured Selena would get back to her soon enough but then never heard anything else from her again.
In total, authorities have found no trace of Selena Vargas since then which has led many people to question whether this girl even existed or not.

Who was Selena?

Selena Green Vargas was a successful young businesswoman who tragically disappeared in the early morning hours of September 8, 2022. A well-known figure around the world for her philanthropic efforts and inspiring success story, Selena was born to an impoverished family in Mexico City in 1987. She studied hard and graduated from high school at just sixteen years old with a scholarship to study abroad on a prestigious exchange program.

After graduating from college with honors, she returned home and began building her own charity organization focused on helping impoverished children find opportunities through education. Her organization quickly became one of the most respected charities in Latin America, with more than five million followers on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

As if that weren’t enough, Selena founded another charity which works to preserve the environment while also providing educational scholarships to students pursuing degrees in environmental sciences.

At 23 years old, it seemed there were few limits to Selena’s achievements!

How did she disappear?

Selena Vargas was 23 years old and had just graduated from the University of Phoenix. She had been working at Albertsons for the past three years, but just a few months before her disappearance, she quit to focus on starting a business. On the day of her disappearance in 2022, her coworkers said that she appeared slightly upset.

The last known sighting of her is from CCTV footage near Gate 5-A of Raleigh-Durham International Airport on December 14th, where she left with a backpack slung over one shoulder and a suitcase in each hand. At this time, there are no suspects in custody or leads as to what happened to Selena Vargas.

Who can help find her?

If you’re wondering what happened to Selena Vargas and want to help, the best thing to do is call law enforcement. Officers will speak to anyone with information about where she might be, even if the person has never met her before. The authorities are desperate for clues and are willing to follow up on any lead, no matter how small or unimportant it might seem.

You could also contact her family and see if they have any information that can be helpful. They’ve been tirelessly searching for their daughter and would undoubtedly love the opportunity to share their thoughts with a sympathetic ear. As long as you’re respectful, they may open up more than they normally would.
In addition to these suggestions, there are many other things you can do to help find Selena Vargas. Share this post so others know how important it is that she’s found and reunites with her family soon!

When will she be found?

Selena vargas was a popular Austin reporter in her early twenties. She disappeared without a trace on the morning of December 26, 2022 while heading to work. The police searched high and low but were unable to find her or any sign of a struggle. The case remains unsolved, though authorities think they may be close to an arrest after finding some fingerprints at the scene.

It is possible that vargas could still be alive somewhere. It just remains a mystery as to what happened to this bright and talented young woman. Where did she go? Why would someone take her from society like that? And most importantly, when will we finally find out what happened to selena vargas??

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