The Comprehensive Guide to Phantom Galaxies Tokens

The Comprehensive Guide to Phantom Galaxies Tokens

PHANTOM GALAXIES is a game that has an open-world space simulation, a fast-paced mech shooter, and a story that keeps you interested.

Once rivals, the Neoterran groups now work together to fight the Sha’Kari, a dangerous alien enemy. The Sha’Kari Zealots are the priests of the Sha’Har race. They want to kill all humans because they disrespected their home planets. Choose the Lancer, Buster, Assault, or Breacher class of morphing Mecha Starfighter that fits your play style the best, and fight the Sha’Kari!

NFT primarily finances phantom galaxies, a free-to-play (F2P) open-world space simulation game. Players can purchase a range of in-game features using a single wallet. In recent years, the gaming industry has taken advantage of the potential given by the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. A significant number of companies now provide NFT as a means for their customers to achieve a competitive advantage. During the second quarter of 2021, the NFT market increased at a phenomenally exponential rate.

What Are Tokens for Phantom Galaxies?

The phantom galaxies tokens are required for Phantom Galaxies users to purchase unique in-game items and services. Each and every transaction within the game utilizes blockchain technology. After the combat, the players will have digital control over the objects. Trading NFT products enables players to generate profits, as intended by the system. After obtaining the NFT for one price, they attempt to resell it to other community members for a substantially higher price.

There is currently no information regarding the Phantom Galaxies Token’s price. The release of the game’s versions for various gaming consoles and Windows personal computers is anticipated for 2022, according to the rumors. A renowned producer of gaming software, Animoca Brand, is currently developing the game. Another firm that contributed to the production of this game is Blowfish Studios.

How do I acquire tokens for Phantom Galaxies?

Players must purchase Phantom Galaxies Tokens on the game’s official website. In this part, they will be able to attach their MetaMask wallet. After connecting the wallet, other cryptocurrencies, such as Cardano, Binance, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, can be used to buy the required NFT at the market price.

The price of the NFT will vary based on the cryptocurrency used to purchase it. CoinMarketCap lacks information on the technical elements of this token at this time. This is one of the games that support NFT at present. Even League of Kingdoms and Thetan Arena provide gamers the opportunity to compete for prizes.

The Token Launched By Phantom Galaxy “Astrafite”

After putting out three alpha Episodes and getting ready to put out a fourth, Phantom Galaxies raised the stakes by putting out their governance token, ASTRAFER. Players will also be able to get ASTRAFER rewards at a future event related to Episode 4 where the token will be shown off.

As Phantom Galaxies got ready for the upcoming Alpha Episode 4 beta test and release, they introduced the main blockchain token, which is called ASTRAFER.

The ASTRAFER token is needed for unique NFTs like the Thermopylae Poster 3. Also, it’s not clear how Phantom Galaxies makes ASTRAFER a governance token that can be used outside of in-game interactions. ASTRAFER will be used to manage certain types of guilds and staked to bases to make them more productive, but it doesn’t say anything about external governance.

The part of The Phantom Galaxies’ litepaper about tokenomics is also short. We do know that 888,077,888 tokens were made, of which 89,077,888 went to the team and 89,077,888 went to liquidity pools. All together, 450k tokens will be given out through Planets, PvP, PvE, and an ecosystem fund. The rest of the tokens are used for marketing, launch contributions (which I don’t know what they are), and a reserve of about 150,000 tokens.

888k units are available at the start. Is there anything that makes it hard for the organization to make more tokens? This doesn’t seem to be the case, though, which is worrying, especially since they haven’t said much about their tokenomics plan. Here is a piece of their Polygonscan token contract.

Through Quickswap, players can exchange tokens for ASTRAFER. Along with ETH and USDC, you can also use SAND, REVV, and TOWER as cryptocurrencies.

During Rush Hour, Astrafite

Episode 4 will come out at the same time as a one-of-a-kind Astrafite Rush event. To do this, players must finish in-game goals to get raffle tickets, which can lead to rewards of ASTRAFER tokens. During each round of this event, participants earn points toward their own goals and add to a community pool, which increases the rewards for everyone. The team says that Planet holders who finish tasks and earn more ASTRAFER during the competition will get more rewards. One goal is to fight against pirates and mine metal.

As the date of publication gets closer, we should find out more about what happened. Phantom Galaxies wrote an article for Medium that told people who want to be as ready as possible how to level up to level 30. (the current max).

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