5 Best Chicago Divorce Attorneys

best chicago divorce attorneys

5 Best Chicago Divorce Attorneys -Divorce is one of the most challenging things a person can go through. It can be incredibly stressful, emotionally draining, and even financially devastating. Fortunately, there are professionals available to help you through this difficult time. And if you’re looking for the best Chicago divorce attorneys, look no further. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best divorce attorneys in Chicago and why they are some of the most reliable in the business. We’ll also provide you with contact information so that you can get started on your journey to a better future.

What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

When considering a divorce attorney, it is important to consider the following factors:
-Your budget
-The lawyer’s experience and credentials
-Their approach to divorce law
-How frequently do they respond to emails and phone calls
-The availability of their office hours
-Whether they charge an hourly or flat rate
-Their fee structure

The Different Types of Divorce Law

There are a few different types of divorce laws in Illinois. The most common type is called “fault-based divorce.” This means that one party must prove that the other is at fault for the breakup. There are also “no-fault” divorces, which don’t involve any accusations of wrongdoing. Finally, there are “co-mingling” divorces, which allow spouses to continue living together while they’re divorced but still have separate financial and legal affairs.
Fault-based divorces are the most common type in Illinois.

No-fault divorces are available to either party in Illinois, regardless of whether they have been living together before the breakup.

Co-mingling divorces are available only to spouses who have been living together for at least six months before filing for divorce. In these cases, the court will treat the couple as if they were still married, except for matters related to their divorce. This includes financial affairs and child custody/ visitation decisions.

What Happens if You Can’t Afford a Divorce Attorney?

You may be eligible for legal aid if you cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent you in a divorce. Legal aid may provide you with either a lawyer or a representative to help you through the divorce process. You will need to fill out an application and meet certain eligibility requirements.

If you cannot afford to pay for your divorce, there are many ways that you can get help. The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) provides legal assistance to low-income individuals and families in Illinois. You can also look into community resources such as family law clinics or self-help groups. If all else fails, you may have to represent yourself in court. However, doing so can be very difficult and complex, so it is best to talk to an attorney beforehand.

Fault Based Divorce

In a fault-based divorce, one party must prove that the other is at fault for the breakup. For example, if one spouse is cheating on the other, that party could file for a divorce based on this fact. The other party may also be able to prove that the other caused significant financial problems or was abusive. If one spouse can’t prove any of these things, the divorce might still be granted, but it would likely be more difficult.

No-Fault Divorce

In a no-fault divorce, neither party has to prove anything. This type of divorce is available to either party in Illinois, regardless of whether they’re guilty or not of any wrongdoing. This can be helpful if one spouse feels like they were wronged and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of proving it.

Co-mingling Divorce

In a co-mingling divorce, spouses are allowed to continue living together while they’re divorced but still have separate financial and legal affairs. This means that each spouse will have their bank accounts, individual property lines, and attorney representation. These divorces can be more complicated than regular divorces since there are multiple parties involved and

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

When it comes to choosing the right divorce attorney, there are a few important things to consider. First and foremost, you need to ensure that the attorney you choose is experienced in family law. They should also have a good reputation in the community, and be able to offer sound legal advice. Additionally, you’ll want an attorney who is responsive and reliable – someone who will always be available when you need them, and who will go above and beyond to help you through this difficult process. Finally, make sure that your chosen lawyer is comfortable working with your spouse or partner – if they’re not willing to reach out to them or involve them in discussions, it may be difficult for them to provide unbiased legal counsel.

When to File for Divorce

In Illinois, a divorce can be filed by either spouse with no waiting period. The grounds for divorce include:
-Irreconcilable differences
-Unreasonable behavior
-Constant violence or threats of violence
-One spouse’s mental incapacity


Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. The process can be emotionally draining, and the legal side of things can be highly stressful. Whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or the other party, choosing the right attorneys to represent your interests is essential. This guide will provide you with information on five of the best Chicago divorce attorneys, so you can make an informed decision about which lawyer to choose for your case.

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