The Whitaker Family Tree

Whitaker family tree

Whitaker family tree

In the Whitaker family tree, we have three generations of soldiers: Sir Albert Edward Whitaker, Colonel of the Northumberland Fusiliers, Deputy Lieutenant, Justice of the Peace, and High Sheriff. Sir Albert was born in 1860 and was the son of Joseph Whitaker. He was a British Army officer who fought in World War I and the Afghan War.

Thomas Dunham Whitaker

Thomas Dunham Whitaker was born in 1759 and was raised in Cliviger, Norfolk. His father was the curate of Raynham, and his family moved to Cliviger when he was young. At a young age, he was unexpectedly named heir to the Whitaker family estates, including Cliviger Hall and The Holme.

Thomas Dunham Whitaker was a Justice of the Peace, antiquary, and historian. He was the son of Thomas Whitaker and Elizabeth Nowell, who had married John Nowell of reading. Elizabeth’s father, and her brother, were influential on the Whitaker family. Their oldest son, Robert, was the ancestor of Dr. Thomas Dunham Whitaker. He lived in The Holme until he died in 1840, and had eight children with his wife.

Thomas Dunham Whitaker’s family tree is made up of his ancestors from both England and North America. He was a member of the Virginia Council and sponsored Edward Thurston’s son. He also had children named John and Elizabeth. Their descendants included John Whitaker and John and Elizabeth Towneley.

Thomas Dunham Whitaker’s family tree is quite lengthy and complex. His father was a minister in Norwich. He was also ordained in the church and became a clergyman. Aside from being a clergyman, Whitaker also was a topographer. He married Lucy Dunham, the daughter of Robert Dunham. The couple moved to the ancestral house of Holme, Norfolk, in 1760. In 1766, he was placed under the care of Rev. John Shaw of Rochdale. After graduating from St. John’s College, Cambridge, Thomas became a deacon and a priest.


Thomas Dunham Whitaker’s family tree reveals a rich background in the clergy. The vicar of Whalley was worth PS100 per year. After the death of his first wife, Dr. Whitaker was presented with a living in Heysham. He resigned from this living in 1818 and was appointed as vicar of Blackburn. The livings of Whalley and Blackburn were held until his death. Historically, clergy often held multiple lives. In many cases, bishops used curates to perform duties when they were away.

The Whitaker family tree also includes the descendants of his uncle Alexander Nowell. During his lifetime, Whitaker held a grudge against his uncle, Sir William Dugdale. In 1677, he was Garter King of the College of Arms and published several scholarly books, including the Monasticon Anglicanum. He also co-authored Origines Judiciales and the Baronage of England. The latter work was considered to be a work of national significance by Canon F.R. Raines.

Whitaker was a pioneer in Anglo-Saxon study. His edition of Piers Ploughman was the first published in over 200 years. His family lived in The Holme, near Burnley, since the 15th century. He also converted Pocahontas.

Thomas Hordern Whitaker

The Whitaker family tree has been rooted in the West Riding of Yorkshire for centuries. The earliest known member of the family was named Isaac, who married Sarah and had a son named Joseph. His descendants include Sir Albert Edward Whitaker. Born in 1860, Sir Albert was a Justice of the Peace, High Sheriff, and Commander of the British Empire. He served during both the Afghan War and World War I.

The youngest son of Thomas Hordern, Robert, married Harriet “Tinie” Bull. Their marriage was annulled in 1929. He died on 17 June 1938. In 1631, his son William was knighted but declined. In his will, William also mentioned his younger son Robert, and daughters, Margaret and Anne. He also mentioned his ‘ancient heirlooms’ in Holme.

Thomas Stephen Whitaker

If you are searching for the family tree of Thomas Stephen Whitaker, you will find that the earliest known ancestor was Jobias Whitacre, who was born in 1024 and fought for the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings. Jobias’ son, Edwinus, had a son named Simon, who was knighted around 1100 AD. His son Alanus was also named after him.

The first Thomas Whitaker was born in 1504 and was a Justice of the peace and an antiquary. He married Elizabeth Nowell of reading and had three sons. Their eldest, John, was born in 1740 and married Ann Horner. The couple had three more sons, including Thomas Stephen. The second son was William Whitaker, who married Mary Crabtree in 1625.

Thomas Stephen Whitaker

The family tree of Thomas Stephen Whitaker contains important information that can help you understand your family history. It may include photos and original documents. It may also contain information about Thomas’ parents, his siblings, and his extended family. You may even be able to find the full names and dates for each of these individuals.

Helen Squires Whitaker passed away on April 30, 2020. She lived in Kannapolis, N.C., and was a charter member of the Lane Street Church of God. Her descendants include Thomas Stephen Whitaker Jr. and Helen Lilly L. Whitaker. She also had a sister, Liz Powell, who lived in Burlington.

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