Vanderburgh County Recent Bookings

Vanderburgh County Recent Bookings

Vanderburgh County Recent Bookings

vanderburgh county recent bookings

Vanderburgh county recent bookings are a great resource to research arrest statistics and the identities of incarcerated criminals. These records are filled out by the arresting officer and include physical details, fingerprints, and photos. They may also contain information about the crime the suspect was arrested for, as well as the trucks involved.

Vanderburgh County jail population by gender

According to the Freedom of Information Act, the county jail population in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, averages 317 male and female inmates per day. This is a 15% female to male ratio. The jail population is a public record, and the statistics are very valuable for people who are interested in the lives of inmates.

The county jail’s staff consists of 231 officers and clerks. Their jobs include managing the inmate’s housing and transportation. Inmates have access to mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation programs, religious services, educational programs, and community support. For those inmates who are eligible, the staff also arranges transportation to court and other important engagements.

Inmates can access their mail through the county’s commissary. They can send letters and packages, and can even get mail from family and friends. They can also receive money from loved ones through JPay, and deposit it to their commissary account. Inmates can also use their commissary account to check their warrants.

Among inmates, the majority are men. The majority of the jail population is white, with a slightly smaller percentage of minorities. About one in five of the men and women in the jail are Hispanic, and the other two-thirds are black. A few are Asian American, but under federal reporting guidelines, they are considered white.

The age range for inmates in the county jail is sixteen to 72 years old. This is a fairly large range, and there are a handful of minors, one who is 16 years old and four who are 17 years old. There are also three inmates in their 70s and 18 in their 60s. However, the majority of inmates are in their 20s and 30s, with the oldest being 33. Overall, the jail population in the county continues to rise.

The Vanderburgh County Detention Center has a total capacity of 347 inmates. This includes prisoners with varying levels of security. It also has a work camp office for up to 84 least security wrongdoers. The county jail also has a video court. In addition to this, the jail works closely with state and city police to ensure the safest possible environment for inmates.

The Vanderburgh County Detention Center is a medium prison office located on 11 sections of land in Evansville, Indiana. It houses pre-preliminary and preliminary prisoners, and provides reintegration programs for male condemned criminals. A total of 84 staff members works in the jail.

Inmate lookup by gender

Vanderburgh County bookings can provide valuable information about someone’s criminal history. Booking records are filled out by police officers and include important details, such as the perpetrator’s name, fingerprints, and physical details. They also contain information about the crime the person committed and the location of the crime.

The Vanderburgh County Jail maintains an online inmate lookup page that offers information about recent bookings. The site also lists the inmates in custody by last name, gender, age, and residence. This page also includes information about the person’s charges, bond, and photograph.

The inmate lookup by gender for Vanderburg County recent bookings enables you to search by gender. You must specify a search criteria, preferably at least one. Once you have the criteria, you can click the “report” button to view a list of inmates who meet your criteria.

The incarceration rate for Vanderburgh County is 317 per 100 resident men and 142 per 100 population women. This means that women make up 15 percent of the entire jail population. According to Freedom of Information Act rules, anyone can view an inmate’s jail records.

Vanderburgh County is located in the southern region of Indiana. It has a population of 17,603 (as of 2010). There is a prison in the county. The jail’s inmate information includes the personal description of the inmate, charges, arrests, and bond, as well as a case description.

Inmate lookup by age

You can find out information about an inmate by age, gender, and last name by accessing the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup page. The website also maintains a separate page dedicated to recent bookings and includes information such as the inmate’s full name, residence, booking date, and time, charge details, and bond details. In addition, you can view their photograph.

The Vanderburgh County Jail is located in Vanderburgh, Indiana. This jail hosts both short-term and long-term inmates. The jail’s overall bed capacity is 150, and its current inmate population includes both males and females.

Inmates in the Vanderburgh County Jail can receive mail and phone calls. However, visitors must schedule their visits with the jail in advance. Visitation hours are Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4pm. On weekends and holidays, visitors should plan their visits accordingly.

Vanderburgh County is an eastern Indiana county. Its county seat is Evansville. The county has a population of 1816. Its area is 233 square miles. Its zip codes are 47618-47750. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department operates the jail, which is located in Evansville.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office issues arrest records and incident reports to the public. In some cases, the sheriff will redact sensitive information before releasing them. You can request these records by mail or in person. For in-person requests, the Sheriff’s Office must respond to you within 24 hours. Mail or fax requests are typically responded to within seven calendar days.

The Vanderburgh County Jail also offers telephone calls and visitation schedules to inmates. If you would like to visit an inmate in person, you can visit them during office hours. However, you should know that you will have to meet certain dress codes and pay a fee to visit them. You can also visit your inmate by video visit.

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