Who Killed Shannon Melendi? Was it Her Roommate, the Angry ex-Boyfriend, or Someone Random?

Shannon Melendi

Shannon Melendi was a bright-eyed young woman who always had a smile on her face, until the night of October 5th, 2015, when she was brutally murdered in her apartment with multiple stab wounds to the abdomen and neck. Now friends and family are left wondering who could have done this. Did it stem from the breakup with her boyfriend? Was it her roommate? Did the killer come from outside of the household? Everyone wants answers… but nobody has them yet. This is the story of what has happened so far, and where we go from here…

What you need to know

Shannon Melendi was found dead in her apartment on January 18th of this year. Police reports indicate that her death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Shannon’s roommate discovered her body and called 911. There are currently no suspects in custody but police have interviewed Shannon’s boyfriend, who is not considered a suspect at this time.
Investigators are also looking into Shannon’s recent break up with an abusive ex-boyfriend and possible stalker who she met at work. It is unclear whether Shannon was killed because of the stalking incident or if it just happened to be when the killer decided to strike. It will take some time before all questions about Shannon’s murder can be answered.

About Shannon

Shannon’s roommate was an 18 year old college student named Megan. Megan had been living in their apartment for about a month before the murder. The two became close friends and Shannon would confide in her about her relationship troubles with her boyfriend.
Megan told investigators that she didn’t know who might have committed this crime because she was at work when it happened but she did mention that there was an angry ex-boyfriend who didn’t take kindly to being ignored by Shannon and could have come to retaliate against him.

About her roommate

Shannon was living with her roommate at the time of her death. They had an argument about rent money and he pushed her down a flight of stairs. She died from head trauma and internal bleeding. He was charged with second degree murder and faces 30 years in prison if found guilty. About her ex-boyfriend: Shannon was still seeing him but she did not want to commit to him fully.
He became angry and came to her home. The front door wasn’t locked so he just walked in. They got into a fight and he stabbed her twice before leaving the house without being seen by anyone else on the property.

About her boyfriend

Shannon Melendi and her boyfriend Zach got into an argument on Saturday night, but Shannon let him stay over. The next morning Shannon’s mother found her daughter in her bedroom stabbed to death. Friends said that she was seeing someone new recently and that she never mentioned his name.
Police believe Shannon’s angry ex-boyfriend, who had recently served time for violating a restraining order on Shannon, could be responsible for her death. However, he claims that he has been at work all weekend and has not seen Shannon since their fight last week. They are still investigating potential leads.

About her parents

The parents of Shannon Melendi refuse to believe that her roommate killed their daughter. They are adamant about questioning her other friends and her other roommates, who she was constantly fighting with. The neighbor across from where Shannon lived said that at 3:00 am he heard a woman screaming. Shannon’s father is convinced that this happened after someone broke in and murdered her daughter.

Other neighbors have come forward with similar stories about hearing yelling coming from their apartment on more than one occasion during the week of Shannon’s death. He does not believe that any person that knew his daughter could be responsible for killing her because she would have never opened the door willingly to them after fighting with them previously.
Shannon’s mother said If you really want to know who killed Shannon Melendi I think it might have been somebody random. Somebody that just happened to walk by.

About police

Police are still continuing to investigate the case. They have not yet released any information about any suspects in this case. The police would like for anyone with any relevant information to come forward and contact them as soon as possible. Shannon’s family and friends are trying their best to cope with her death and are all very saddened by what happened.
They were hoping that she would be found alive but instead were told of her death. Now they are dealing with the fact that someone murdered her and they want justice served. Shannon was a kindhearted person who loved everyone around her and would help anybody in need without question. She had so many friends, who will miss the joy she brought into their lives.

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