Look out for bear car wash

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Bear car washes often advertise themselves as being “pawesome” and make an effort to appeal to pet lovers. But is this really the best way to treat our furry friends? Some bear car washes actually use dirty water and soap to wash cars, which can result in serious water contamination if the bears get access to it. In some cases, bears have even been known to contaminate rivers and lakes with their waste. Not only is this cruel treatment of our furry friends, but it’s also bad for the environment. By using dirty water and soap,  are polluting our waterways and harming aquatic life. If you see a bear car wash advertising itself as pawesome, please don’t support it by giving it your business. Instead, choose a car wash that uses environmentally friendly methods to clean your car.

What is a bear car wash?

Bears are a common sight in the United States and Canada. But why do they visit car washes?

Bears like to clean their fur, which can get dirty from travelling in the woods or climbing trees. Car washes are a good place for bears to clean their fur because they get to stand in a warm, noisy environment and scrub their bodies with soap.

How to avoid a bear car wash

If you’re heading to a nearby , be aware of the risks. Bears are attracted to vehicles that are new or have a fresh coat of paint, so make sure your car is clean and in good condition. If you do go to a bear car wash, keep the windows down and watch for warning signs: bears may be standing or walking near the car wash, making themselves look big and threatening. Don’t stop for them – just drive away.

What to do if you get pulled over at a bear car wash

If you’re ever pulled over at a, it’s important to know what to do. Bears are naturally curious and may approach the vehicle if they think there is something interesting inside. Make sure to keep your windows down and keep your hands on the wheel, just in case the bear decides to investigate. If things get too rough, slowly drive away until you reach a safe distance.


Bears are natural car washes. They like to roll around in the dirt, get their fur all dirty and then come out looking like they just left a car wash. If you’re anywhere near a body of water, be sure to keep an eye out for bears so that you can take advantage of this natural auto detailing service!

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