How to Use Packaging Inserts to Create a Great Unboxing Moment

Packaging Inserts to Create a Great Unboxing Moment

In this busy world, some people may not pay much attention to something as general as product wrapping. With so much to do, all a buyer wants is to unwrap their product and proceed to do the awaiting task.

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. As a brand, you can make the intimate unboxing moment count and leave the buyer feeling like they just received a gift from their favorite special person. The simple addition of a high-quality layer of custom gift tissue also adds to the gifting atmosphere.

The unboxing process should immerse customers fully in your brand, inspiring loyalty. Let’s talk about the simple inserts that can help you do this.

Turn a Simple Order Into an Enjoyable Unboxing Experience

Packaging inserts are small extra items that you can add to your customers’ orders before you finally seal and send them off to ship.

These free items are used to thank customers and encourage brand loyalty and are a fantastic way to develop your brand’s story.

Make your customers feel appreciated with coupons, flyers, and thank you cards that are cleverly designed for them. They are a cost-effective way to aid your advertising campaigns and achieve brand goals.

Depending on your customer’s order, you can customize your insert and advertise deals they might find interesting.

Below are examples of packaging inserts you may consider using.

Insert Option 1: Freebies

You love free gifts, right? Who doesn’t? Freebies are a sure way of making buyers happy. There are many treats you can give your customers, including fun stickers for their laptops and samples of your new products. To further express your gratitude to your devoted audience, design your own branded hats, notebooks, water bottles, and other memorable paraphernalia.

Insert Option 2: Limited Edition Coupons

Also known as promo flyers or discount cards, coupons are a promise to give your customer a discount on their subsequent purchase. They effectively encourage customers to make additional purchases. It’s one of the best package insert concepts to encourage adherence and establish a strong connection with your clients.

Discounts can be based on a specific time frame or minimum spend, depending on your brand goals. Create personalized package inserts on postcards, flyers, or business cards that can serve as mementos.

Insert Option 3: Thank You Cards

What better way to make your customers feel appreciated than a special card thanking them for their purchase? Although it is just a simple note, with a unique brand design, it can achieve so much for your brand.

They provide a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand’s values, display your product line, and engage with customers by sharing links to your website and social media profiles. If at all feasible, include a handwritten letter to demonstrate to them how much you value each one of them. It’s always comforting to know that actual people are behind a brand.

Insert Option 4: Referral Cards

Do you want to grow your customer base and build lasting relationships with your consumers? Referral programs are a thoughtful approach to motivating members of your community to gain new clients via word of mouth. The guiding idea? Rewarding them with a free gift or discount when they bring others, sometimes even offering the latter a discount as well.

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