Brazilbased Descomplica 83m

brazilbased descomplica 83m

brazilbased descomplica 83m

A brazilbased descomplica 83m Brazilian startup called Descomplica has raised $83M from SoftBank and is gearing up for its next big milestone: launching its own online university. It offers test prep for university entrance exams and has five million monthly users. It plans to expand its online course offerings in the United States, Brazil, and other parts of the world.

SoftBank led the $83M investment in Descomplica

SoftBank Group is leading an investment in Descomplica Brazil, a test prep company founded in 2011. The company, which is based in Brazil, has seen a surge in demand since the pandemic started in 2012. The company will use the funds to expand its offerings and make acquisitions, and is targeting a million students in the next year. The company had 820,000 students enrolled in its Kroton higher education division at the end of September.

Descomplica offers online undergraduate courses

Descomplica is a Brazilian startup that specializes in helping applicants prepare for university entrance exams. But the company is also planning to expand beyond test prep and into higher education. To accomplish this goal, the startup is launching its own higher education division and investing R$55 million into the venture. The company aims to reach 1 million students in the next year. It currently has 820,000 students enrolled in its Kroton higher education division.

The company was founded in 2011 by three Brazilian entrepreneurs. It started out as a test-prep service for the vestibular exam. But in 2013, it expanded its services to include undergraduate courses. It also launched a mobile app. In 2015, it was acquired by education company Grupo A. In 2018, the company secured funding from Softbank, the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, and U2 guitarist The Edge.

It offers test prep for university entrance exams

Descomplica, a Brazilian test prep startup, has received an $8 million Series B funding round. The company specializes in standardized tests for university and civil service admissions. The company launched its undergraduate courses last year, and already boasts more than five million monthly users. It has also boosted its subscriber count with “pandemic lockdowns,” which lock down the website for a short period of time. The funding round was led by Softbank and also included the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, the Invus Group, and The Edge.

Descomplica also offers a wide variety of study materials, which can help students prepare for the university entrance exams. Their brazilbased descomplica 83m resources include study guides, practice tests, and a variety of other tools that will help them succeed. In addition, they offer free access to official test websites, which offer a variety of information and study materials.

It will launch an online university in 2020

Descomplica, a Brazilian startup founded in 2011, aims to democratize access to education. Its model allows students from all backgrounds to gain a degree from anywhere in the world, without having to leave their home. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and reaches 5 million users every month. It has also received recognition from the World Economic Forum and was listed among the 100 Startups to Watch.

The Brazilian edutech startup Descomplica raised $84 million in Series E funding to expand its online learning platform. The company already offers complete learning resources to its brazilbased descomplica 83m users for about $30, but plans to expand to 18 courses by 2020. As of now, the site offers a range of courses in Portuguese, English, and other languages. Users can access these courses from different devices and have access to over 15,000 revision videos and live lessons. Descomplica is also working on acquiring other companies to expand its reach.

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