Series Forgepoint Capitalwiggersventurebeat

series forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat

The series forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat latest round of funding led by Forge Point Capital enables ReversingLabs to expand its product portfolio, strengthen its brand, and accelerate customer acquisition. The Series funding also supports aggressive development of its team. This investment is a major step forward for the company. However, it will not be the only move it is making in order to grow faster.

Symmetry Systems raises $15 million in Series A funding

Symmetry Systems has raised $15 million in Series A funding to help the company scale its operations. The funding will go toward expanding its team and refining its go-to-market strategy. In addition to expanding its product line, Symmetry will also use the funding to launch in new markets, including data security, data governance, and data loss prevention.

Symmetry Systems is a security software company that enables companies to protect data and applications. The company’s technology is designed to move companies beyond network security to application security. Its Series A funding round was led by Prefix Capital and ForgePoint Capital. It also included participation from Accenture Ventures and other individual investors, including Tom Gonser, founder of DocuSign, Omkhar Arasarathnam, Bob Gleichauf, David Tsao, and Sameer Sait.

Symmetry Systems is a software company that provides unified data visibility and data security to enterprises. Its flagship solution, called DataGuard, provides unified visibility into all data objects across data stores. This gives organizations the power to answer data security questions in one place.

The company’s founders have backgrounds in various industries. Co-founders Daniel Wartolowski was an analyst at EY and Maciej Noga was an HR and recruitment solutions provider. The team had noticed a problem with existing payroll processes in their previous jobs. They had to learn how to process payments across multiple jurisdictions and software systems.

The company’s product, Symmetry Dataguard, is designed for the healthcare, financial, government, and defense industries. It provides security for data objects and generates a risk map for security teams. It also provides intervention suggestions. The company’s solution is designed to help organizations comply with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation and HIPAA.

The funding will help the company launch its white-label monetization platform, Wildfire, to help enterprise partners embed social commerce, rewards, and cashback offers on their websites. This will boost customer retention and increase revenue. As Wildfire continues to develop its platform, it plans to launch more features in its platform.

ReversingLabs raises $56 million in Series B funding

ReversingLabs is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based cybersecurity company. It recently secured $56 million in Series B funding. The new funding was led by private equity firm Crosspoint Capital Partners and also included existing investor ForgePoint Capital. The company plans to use the money to scale its sales and marketing operations and expand globally.

In an earlier funding round, ReversingLabs raised $26 million. The amount raised was not disclosed. The company has raised a total of $126 million. The new funds were raised through angel and venture capital investors. The company has a long list of partners, including Evli Growth Partners, Almaz Capital, Speedinvest, and various angel investors. Another investor is Neil Smith, founder of transit systems.

The funding will help the company expand its technology portfolio. ReversingLabs is developing a blockchain-based platform to automate the process of transferring money. The company is currently valued between $55 million and $88 million. ReversingLabs will be using the funds to further develop its AI capabilities and expand its business model.

SolCyber emerged from stealth mode with $20 million in series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital

Earlier this year, the Dominican Republic-based cybersecurity company SolCyber emerged from stealth mode and raised $20 million in series A funding led by ForgPoint Capital and Venture Beat. Its software was used to detect and prevent cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks. The company’s customers include the Rizek Group, one of the country’s largest business groups. It has worked with Rizek to improve its security posture and protect its series forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat company against such attacks.

The new funding will help the company expand its technology offerings, build customer growth, and expand its team. SolCyber is positioning itself as the next-generation MSSP, with a focus on midmarket organizations that want to combat cybersecurity threats and protect their data. The series forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat company’s security offering includes an advanced email security solution, lateral movement detection, and active directory protection. Its MSSP service offers a streamlined approach to security, making it easy for organizations to scale the security offering.

The $20 million funding round has helped the startup grow from series forgepoint capitalwiggersventurebeat a team of 12 people to a workforce of more than 20 by the end of the year. While the company has yet to turn a profit, the new capital is intended to help the company refine its products and services. Its 20m series technology stack includes endpoint protection, email security, Active Directory abuse protection, and admin exploitation prevention. It also has an in-house security operations center that offers correlations, 365-day log retention, and 24-hour monitoring.

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