Amy Waters Davidson: Who Is Pete?

Amy Waters Davidson

Amy Waters Davidson, head of the Kemi Filani Literary Agency, has quietly become one of the most important people in the book publishing industry over the last decade. She has managed to sign some of the world’s most talented authors—including Pete Hautman and Kevin Emerson—to her agency in that time and make them household names around the globe. Find out what makes Amy Waters Davidson such an effective agent and how she manages to find so many amazing authors by reading this short biography on Amy Waters Davidson by Kemi Filani.

Amy Waters Davidson Resume

Amy Waters Davidson was born and raised in Ithaca, NY. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelors in English Language and Literature. Amy began her career as an editorial assistant at Random House, Inc., where she worked on the staff of several bestselling authors, including Alice Hoffman and Anne Rice. She then moved to New York City to pursue a literary agent position at International Creative Management (ICM).
Amy eventually became an agent herself, where she represented many well-known authors such as Tom Wolfe, Tim O’Brien, Patricia Cornwell and Anita Diamant. In 2006, Amy Waters Davidson joined Amy Trowbridge Gilbert Literary Agency. Amy’s agency has handled rights for Julia Alvarez, Isabel Allende, Junot Diaz, Carol Snow and Maurice Sendak. Amy has been representing actress/author Julie Harris for years, which has included some of Julie’s most recent works from 2008-2010 such as The Ballad Of Lucy Whipple and The Present. Amy also represents Hugh Ambrose, author of One World War II: Pearl Harbor To Hiroshima

What Does Pete Do On a Typical Day

Pete’s day-to-day duties at the office include helping with the company’s marketing and communications. In her words, I love PR and marketing and I’m always looking for new ways to get our name out there.
Pete also serves as an assistant for Amy Waters Davidson, who is the CEO of Kemi Filani. When she doesn’t have meetings or phone calls scheduled, her day can vary depending on what needs to be done. Some days Pete’s on social media, some days she’s in charge of editing projects or doing research.
It really is a fun job, says Pete. Every day is different.

Why Does He Need an Executive Assistant

Pete Davidson is a man on the go. He manages his own social media accounts, has two hit TV shows, and is about to make his debut as an actor in the upcoming movie The Front Runner.
He’s also a new dad to two-month-old daughter Penelope with fiancée Ariana Grande. And that’s just the beginning of his seemingly never-ending responsibilities.
Now he needs someone who can help him stay on top of everything from work to family life. Enter Amy Waters Davidson, Pete’s new executive assistant.

6 Things That Make Pete Feel Protected & Happy

We always hear about Pete and never get to know the man behind the blue skin. Amy Water Davidson’s son, Pete is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her-well of course she’s biased. We got to peek into Amy’s world for a few minutes and find out how a mother of three boys protects, loves, and appreciates her Pete everyday!

  1. Every morning I kiss him goodbye while he’s still in bed-then I leave so he can enjoy his last hour of solitude.
  2. We cuddle at night when we’re watching TV or playing games on my phone.
  3. I text him all day long with love, jokes, pics and reminders.
  4. His closet holds our family clothes, from my dresses to his dad’s shirts.
  5. He only sees two movies every year because there are too many other things to do like read books, hike, go out on adventures.
  6. Pete knows no one will ever love him like me because even though I yell at him sometimes it’s just because I want what’s best for him!
    Continuation (four+ sentences using the words: amy waters davidson):
  7. The hardest part of parenting is being honest with your kids and helping them grow up healthy by teaching them right from wrong and setting boundaries they can trust even if it means disappointing them sometimes

How Did They Meet

Amy met Pete in high school and was immediately drawn to his easy going personality and welcoming demeanor. They kept in touch for years, but it wasn’t until they reconnected after college that they realized their feelings were more than platonic. Amy loved the sense of belonging she felt with Pete’s family and knew he was the one when he declared he wanted to build a life with her. The two had a traditional wedding in front of their family members, celebrated with close friends on a tropical island, and honeymooned near Sydney.
It seems like Amy Waters Davidson has found true love–but how did it all start? She met her husband-to-be back in high school, where she noticed his kind nature and welcoming attitude right away.

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