Who is Archie Heaton?

Archie Heaton

Archie Heaton is the main character of the television series Riverdale. Archie was played by KJ Apa in the first season, and now he’s been replaced by Casey Cott. Many fans wondered why they changed the actor, so we’ll try to explain everything related to his transformation!

A Short Bio

Archie Heaton was born to Nancy and Archie in Canada on October 17, 1997. Archie grew up playing hockey for a few years but had to stop when he was 10 due to his asthma. Archie’s family moved from Canada to the United States when he was 12 in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle. He has been living in the U.S since then and attends school at Gwinnett County Public Schools where he is currently a senior.

A Brief Summary

Archie Heaton was born in the rural town of Weaverville, North Carolina. His parents worked hard to provide for him and his two older sisters. He spent a lot of time with his maternal grandparents, who were farmers and taught him about their traditional way of life. When he was 12 years old, his grandfather died from cancer. This death had a profound effect on young Archie and strengthened his connection with nature as well as the family farm.
In 1970, Archie left North Carolina for college at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont where he studied Botany and Environmental Studies and ultimately graduated with a degree in Natural Resource Management.

His Marriage to Cheryl Baker (Cheryl)

Cheryl Baker (born 1961) is the wife of Archie Heaton. They married in the 80’s when Archie was around 30 years old and Cheryl was around 19 years old. The year they met is not known, but it must have been around 1983-1984. Archie and Cheryl had their first date at a party that he gave. This took place before they got married in 1986 because they already knew each other by then.
Cheryl Baker has two kids with Archie: Jon, who was born in 1987, and Natalie, who was born in 1989, which means she must have been around about 17-18 years old when she had her first child.

The Birth of His Children

Archie Heaton is a fireman, retired from the military. He was born on November 5th in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Archie has one child, Griffin. Griffin’s mother died in childbirth and Archie raised him on his own. His oldest child turned 21 in 2016 and Archie admits that he doesn’t want to think of the idea of growing old without him. Griffin is my life. Archie says with tears in his eyes. I can’t imagine what it would be like if he left me too.

His Net Worth

Archie Heaton was born in 1934. Archie has an estimated net worth of $4.6 billion. He lives in New York City, United States and he studied at the University of Chicago. Archie has served as chairman and CEO for various companies including General Foods Corporation, Nabisco Inc., Dreyfus Corporation and AlliedSignal Inc.
He also served on the Board of Directors for a variety of organizations including Western Union Company, Chase Manhattan Bank, SmithKline Beckman Corporation, Litton Industries and Chemical Bank New York Trust Company.

Where He Grew Up and School Education

Archie Heaton was born in January 5, 1975 and grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana. He attended West Monroe High School as a student where he played both football and baseball. Archie also attended college at Louisiana State University to get his degree in Kinesiology. Archie’s first job out of college was with the Minnesota Twins organization as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach before moving to the Colorado Rockies organization.
It wasn’t until 2006 when he became the Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Cincinnati Reds that he began working full-time in sports medicine, gaining a wealth of knowledge about what works best for athletes, especially on rehabbing injuries.

Early Career

Archie Heaton was born on March 14, 1974. He has two sisters and one brother. Archie attended the University of California at Berkeley and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1996. In 2003, he founded his own construction company called Archie’s Construction LLC. He has also served as Vice President of the Building Industry Association of San Francisco since 2007. Archie is married to Kate Heaton and they have three children. They live in Lafayette, CA.

Awards & Achievements

Archie Heaton was born on December 27, 1989 in Davie, Florida. He moved to Fort Myers as a child and attended Fort Myers High School. Archie’s father has been an entrepreneur his whole life and has spent the last 30 years of his career owning and operating a number of successful small businesses. Archie started his own business at the age of 18 by selling digital products that he created himself.
He went on to graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Archie is now pursuing his Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

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