Who Is Charles Jordan? Could He Be Wynonna Judd’s Real Father?

Charles Jordan

Charles Jordan is one of the most highly-publicized names in country music circles right now, but who exactly is Charles Jordan? Is Charles Jordan really Wynonna Judd’s father or is Charles Jordan just someone who claims to be her father? You can find out all about Charles Jordan on Celebrity Baby Scoop!

Is Charlie Jordan really Wynonna Judd’s father?

Charles Jordan was married to Naomi Judd from 1979-1987. Their marriage ended in divorce. When he and Naomi divorced, they had two daughters together: Wynonna, who is now 52, and Ashley, who is now 49. In the early 1990s, a woman named Barbara Daly filed suit against the couple alleging that she had an extramarital affair with Charles while he was still married to Naomi and that he fathered her daughter Kimberly (born c. 1980) as a result of this affair. Kimberly was allegedly given up for adoption shortly after birth and has not been in contact with her biological parents or siblings since then.

The facts on Charles Jordan

Charles Jordan, the father of Wynonna Judd, is a country singer who was born in Mississippi. In 1948, he moved to Nashville and formed his own band called The Jordanaires.
Charles Jordan joined the group in 1955 and they became known as The Singing Strings.
Wynonna Judd was born on May 30th, 1964 in Ashland, Kentucky when her mother Naomi was just 18 years old. Naomi and Charles split up when she was a baby and she never met him again until she was 18 years old.

Why did Charlie abandon his daughter to be raised by another family?

In the early 1980s, Charlie was married to a woman named Paula who was pregnant with their second child. However, Paula discovered that she had multiple sclerosis at the same time and was told by her doctors that she would not be able to give birth to the baby. After some consideration, they agreed that it would be best for her to terminate the pregnancy.
That decision turned out to have enormous consequences because Paula developed a deep depression from having terminated the pregnancy and died two years later of suicide. Charlie fell into a deep depression himself over losing his wife and tried everything he could think of in order to cope with her death including drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Where is Charlie now, and what is he doing with his life?

Charles Jordan was a railroad worker who met Naomi Judd in 1974. Naomi and her family had moved to Tennessee from Kentucky, and she was attending school in Knoxville when she met Charlie. They dated for about a year before he asked her to marry him on July 4th of 1975.
After they married, they decided to move back to Kentucky so that Naomi could be closer to her family. There were some turbulent years after their marriage when they both hit the road with their bands, but by 1982 it seemed like things were going well. They had three children together: Wynonna, Ashley, and Jennifer.

Did Charlie have other children with other women during this time period?

It is unclear whether or not he had other children with other women during this time period. However, it is possible that he could be the father of another famous singer. It has been rumored that Charlie might have fathered a child with country singer, Wynonna Judd.
Wynonna was born on May 30th, 1964 in Ashland, Kentucky and her father is Charles Jordan. Her mother is Naomi Ruth Judd (née Curlee).

What was Judd like as a child growing up in Kentucky without her father around?

I don’t know what it is like to have a father figure in your life and be looked up to. -Wynonna Judd
Wynonna had a difficult childhood growing up without her father, Charles Jordan, around. She was raised by her mother, Naomi, who was the youngest of 10 children. Wynonna attended school in Tennessee and would stay with her grandparents when she wasn’t home.
One day when she came back from visiting them she found out that her mother had died. She lived alone with her grandparents for a year before moving in with relatives in Kentucky and taking care of them until they passed away as well.

Why do so many people doubt that Charles Jordan is really the father of Wy who would go on to become one of country music’s biggest stars when she grew up, just like her mother Naomi had been before her.
Rumors about who Wyonna Judd’s father is have been floating around for years. When she was a child, Naomi claimed that her first husband and the father of her daughter was named Billy Watson, but no one has ever found any evidence to prove this claim. Naomi died in 1995 and it seems like this mystery will never be solved.
The next person to come forward with a claim about being Wy’s dad was the former mayor of Ashland, Kentucky, Charles Jordan. In 2006 he said I am not Billy Watson and I am not Wyonna’s dad … I told her my name is Charlie when I met her because I didn’t want anything to do with it.

What does Naomi think about all of this speculation about Charlie being Wy’s real father instead of her husband Sylvester Leake?

Charles is my husband and he’ll always be my husband. I don’t know why people would want to speculate about something like that. I’m not going to speak on it because I don’t know anything about it.
I want people to stop speculating about this because it is a family issue. There are lots of kids out there who have gone through divorce and they have a hard time in life, and I don’t want them to think this is something that we’re having problems with. We’ve had the same problem for three years now, but we’re still together and that’s what matters.
I have five children total; four from previous marriages and one from this marriage. So as far as Charlie being Wy’s dad or not being Wy’s dad, I don’t care one way or the other, you know what I mean?

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