Chefs at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar -The chefs at Whiskey Cake source seasonal ingredients from local farms, using slow-cooked cooking methods like smokers and a live wood grill. The menu features classic American dishes that utilize smoked whiskey. In addition to their savory menu, the whiskey barkeeps handcraft whiskey cocktails and bold elixirs with the freshest ingredients.

Chef Aaron Staudenmaier

In his 25 years in the food industry, Aaron Staudenmaier has become a familiar name in the Dallas culinary scene. He is a former sous chef at Mansion, and has also worked at Abacus and Lovers Seafood. Now, he is the Concept Chef at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar in Plano. His focus is on local ingredients, flavor-infused techniques, and fun touches.

A lot of the menu at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar is focused on small, shareable bites that don’t require much time. The restaurant’s philosophy is that a meal is best enjoyed when everyone has a few of everything. The snack menu features house-made pickles, honeycomb, and charcuterie boards, which are served with locally sourced meats and cheeses. Its bar team also focuses on using herbs grown in-house to create unique cocktail concoctions.

The new restaurant is scheduled to open in September. It will offer a selection of locally-sourced dishes as well as a dog-friendly patio. The d├ęcor of the space features reclaimed wood and design elements from old rickhouses. The goal is to create an eco-friendly restaurant that supports the local community.

Concept chef Randy DeWitt

Randy DeWitt, the CEO of Frontburner Restaurants, understands the pain that many people feel after seeing the recent announcements about restaurant layoffs. Although the economy has been down and unemployment high, the restaurant industry continues to grow and develop new concepts. In fact, he has teamed up with a well-known restaurant chef to open a new restaurant for his company called Ojos Locos Sports Cantina. The new restaurant will focus on sports and food and will be described as “Twin Peaks” for Hispanic customers. Frontburner also plans to redevelop the former Plano Tavern into a farm-to-fork restaurant.

whiskey cake kitchen  bar

The concept for whiskey cake kitchen & bar was conceived after Randy and Jack DeWitt discussed various food and entertainment ideas. They considered everything from five fast-casual restaurants to a food hall run by restaurateurs. They also visited the Amsterdam Foodhallen to see what kind of concepts were working there. Once they came up with the concept, they presented the idea to Karahan.

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar has a casual atmosphere, complete with checkered fabric booths and communal seating. The menu features dishes such as whiskey braised short rib, local market fish, and burgers made from scratch. The restaurant also features whiskey flights.

PlanB Group

PlanB Group has announced a new whiskey cake kitchen and bar in Round Rock, Texas. The restaurant will open at the former Mellow Mushroom space on I-35. It is expected to open in the spring. The restaurant will also offer a wide range of food and drinks.

PlanB Group is an award-winning hospitality design firm. Founded by Royce Ring and Alexander Urrunaga, the company has a track record for building and designing popular brands. Their portfolio includes Whiskey Cake, Mexican Sugar, and Velvet Taco. They also co-own Pie Tap Pizza Workshop & Bar, and Bolsa.

PlanB Group’s creative team also created Whiskey Cake’s interior design, name, logo, and artwork. The group also designed the restaurant’s menus and website. In addition, they helped curate the music. The restaurant has a casual, laidback atmosphere.

The Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar is a unique example of an urban restaurant that serves craft cocktails and farm-fresh comfort food. The company sources its ingredients and flavors directly from farms in the area. In addition to contracting with over 50 local vendors and farmers, the group also maintains small produce gardens at each location.


Lighting is a critical part of the design process. In a bar setting, you want to ensure that your guests can see your food and drink easily. The same is true for a restaurant. For a unique, upscale dining experience, consider adding some ambiance to your dining area. Lighting in a whiskey cake kitchen & bar can help achieve this.

At the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, you can choose from a variety of chandeliers to create an inviting atmosphere. You’ll also find a wide range of recessed lighting in the bar area. This allows you to see a range of details, such as the counter space and the bar area. This will help you get the most out of your experience.


Electrical wiring is an important part of any restaurant and should be installed correctly to ensure safe operation. The Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar in Oklahoma City is an excellent example of a restaurant that uses a specialized system to provide a high level of safety. This restaurant is located in the International Plaza, near Bay Street.


The menu at Whiskey Cake is full of seasonal ingredients from local farms. Their chefs use slow cooking methods to create flavorful dishes. Cocktails are hand-crafted by their bartenders using whiskey and premium liquors. The restaurant also has a garden where they grow fresh produce. Guests can enjoy their favorite whiskey cocktails or sample whiskey flights. They can also enjoy a wide selection of wine or beer.

If you’re in the area, you can place an order online for delivery or pick-up from the restaurant’s Katy location. You can also check out the menu online and see what’s available. You can also order through Postmates for pickup and delivery. Just make sure to check the delivery fee to make sure it’s within your price range.

The menu is subject to change without notice. The website is for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes. If you’d like to order something specific, it’s best to call the restaurant directly. The food is made fresh daily. It’s also gluten free and contains no artificial ingredients.

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